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Star I ID-1351 - History

Star I ID-1351 - History

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Star I

(ID No. 1351: dp. 248; 1. 106'1; b. 25'1"; dr. 8'6";
s. 11 k.; cpl. 22; a. 1 3-pdr., 2 mg.)

Star I—a steamer built in 1912 by Seattle Construction & Dry Dock Co. at Seattle, Wash.—was acquired from Balfour, Guthrie Co. on 24 December 1917 and commissioned on 30 March 1918. Assigned to the 13th Naval District as a minesweeper, Star I served the Navy until 12 February 1919, at which time her name was struck from the Navy list, and she was returned to her owner.

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