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Malcolm III of Scotland Timeline

Malcolm III of Scotland Timeline

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  • 1031

    Birth of future Malcolm III of Scotland, son of Duncan I of Scotland.

  • 1040 - 1057

    Reign of Macbeth Macfinlay, king of Scotland.

  • 1040

    Following the death of his father Duncan I of Scotland, future Malcolm III of Scotland is forced into exile in Northumbria.

  • 1054

    An English army invades Scotland.

  • 27 Jul 1054

    An English army defeats Macbeth, king of Scotland at Dunsinane.

  • 12 Aug 1057

    Macbeth, king of Scotland, is fatally wounded in a skirmish at Lumphanan against supporters of future Malcolm III of Scotland.

  • Sep 1057 - 1057

    Lulach, stepson of Macbeth Macfinlay, becomes the king of Scotland.

  • Sep 1057 - Mar 1058

    Reign of Lulach as king of Scotland.

  • 1058 - 1093

  • 1059

    Malcolm III of Scotland marries Ingibiorg, the widow of Thorfinn of Orkney.

  • 1061

    Malcolm III of Scotland raids Northumberland in and loots the monastery at Lindisfarne.

  • 25 Dec 1066

    William the Conqueror is crowned William I, king of England, in Westminster Abbey.

  • 1070

    Malcolm III of Scotland marries his second wife, Margaret, sister of Edgar Ætheling.

  • 1070

    Malcolm III of Scotland ravages Yorkshire.

  • 1072

    William the Conqueror launches a land and sea attack on Scotland. Malcolm III of Scotland sues for peace.

  • 1079

    Malcolm III of Scotland attacks Northumbria.

  • 1087 - 1100

  • 1090 - 1091

    Malcolm III of Scotland once again attacks Northumbria.

  • 1091

    William II of England sends a fleet to attack Scotland, but it is wrecked in storms off the coast of Northumberland.

  • 1093 - 1097

    Reign of Duncan III of Scotland (interrupted in 1094 CE by his nephew Duncan II).

  • 13 Nov 1093

    Malcolm III of Scotland is killed during a raid on Northumberland.

  • 16 Nov 1093


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