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Supply III IX-147 - History

Supply III IX-147 - History

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Supply III
(IX-147: dp. 13,260; 1. 411'9”; b. 55'; dr. 27'2", s
11.8 k.; cpl. 167; a. 1 4~, 1 3~, 8 20mm~; cl. Supply)

The third Supply (IX-i47), ex-Ward, built in 1921 by Doullet and Williams, New Orleans, La., was operated by the American Pioneer and American Export Lines as MS Ward. Ward sailed from Hoboken, N.J., to Pearl Harbor, on 25 November 1943, after calling at Norfolk, Va., and Oakland, Calif., to

load aviation material. Upon her arrival at Pearl Harbor the ship was to be allocated to the Navy, on a bare-boat basis, by the War Shipping Administration.

Ward was acquired by the Navy at Pearl Harbor on 5 February 1944 and commissioned on 8 February 1944 as Supply (IX-147), Lt. Comdr. A. J. F. Schmidt USNR, in command. The ship entered the Navy Yard there for repairs, alterations, and conversion into an auxiliary aviation supply ship. Supply departed Pearl Harbor on 25 March for MaJuro, Marshall Islands, to replenish aircraft carriers for further strikes west of those islands. After the fleet sailed, Suppl~g steamed to Roi-Namur, on 22 April, and operated as an aviation supply depot there until early July.

Supply sailed for Pearl Harbor on 7 July, where she underwent extensive alterations to enable her to double the amount of stores that could be kept in a ready-for-issue status. The ship sailed for Yap, Caroline Islands, to assist in setting up an aviation supply depot there. Pending the military operation against the island, the supply ship was routed to Peleliu, via Funafuti, Tulagi, and Manus, arriving on 14 October, the day the island was declared secure. As she could not anchor there, Supply moved up to Kossol Passage. The ship remained there for a month supplying Marine Air Group (MAG) 11 with aircraft stores. On 15 November, she steamed to the fleet anchorage at Ulithi where she assisted PBM tenders and MAG 45 for several weeks. At this time it was decided that Yap was to be bypassed, and the ship's destination was changed to Guam, M.I.

Supply arrived at Guam on 7 December 1944 and by 7 February 1945 had stripped herself of all supplies. She returned to Roi to replenish and then sailed for Saipan on 3 March. Her next mission was to assist in establishing an aviation supply depot at Okinawa. However, due to the kamikaze attacks on the fleet there, it was decided to retain the ship in the Mariana Islands until the island was secured. On 25 May, Supply was redesignated from IX-147 to AVS-1.

Supply finally sailed for Okinawa on 8 July and arrived there a week later. She first discharged her top-loaded cargo to seaplane tenders and then began transferring bulk stores to the beaches. The shiu waa at Okinawa when hostilities with Japan ceased. She remained there until 3 November when she weighed anchor en route to the United States, via Pearl Harbor.

Supply arrived at San Diego and unloaded her cargo at the naval air base before proceeding to San Francisco for inactivation. The ship arrived at San Francisco on 19 December 1945 and was decommissioned on 4 February 1946. Supply was returned to the War Shipping Administration the same date she was decommissioned and struck from the Navy list on 25 February 1946.

Supply received one battle star for World War II service.

Satires (Juvenal)

The Satires are a collection of satirical poems by the Latin author Juvenal written in the early 2nd century.

Juvenal is credited with sixteen known poems divided among five books all are in the Roman genre of satire, which, at its most basic in the time of the author, comprised a wide-ranging discussion of society and social mores in dactylic hexameter. [1] The sixth and tenth satires are some of the most renowned works in the collection. The poems are not individually titled, but translators have often added titles for the convenience of readers.

  • Book I: Satires 1–5
  • Book II: Satire 6
  • Book III: Satires 7–9
  • Book IV: Satires 10–12
  • Book V: Satires 13–16 (Satire 16 is incompletely preserved)

Roman Satura was a formal literary genre rather than being simply clever, humorous critique in no particular format. Juvenal wrote in this tradition, which originated with Lucilius and included the Sermones of Horace and the Satires of Persius. [2] In a tone and manner ranging from irony to apparent rage, Juvenal criticizes the actions and beliefs of many of his contemporaries, providing insight more into value systems and questions of morality and less into the realities of Roman life. The author employs outright obscenity less frequently than Martial or Catullus, but the scenes painted in his text are no less vivid or lurid for that discretion.

The author makes constant allusion to history and myth as a source of object lessons or exemplars of particular vices and virtues. Coupled with his dense and elliptical Latin, these tangential references indicate that the intended reader of the Satires was highly educated. [3] The Satires are concerned with perceived threats to the social continuity of the Roman citizens: social-climbing foreigners, unfaithfulness, and other more extreme excesses of their own class. The intended audience of the Satires constituted a subset of the Roman elite, primarily adult males of a more conservative social stance.

Scholarly estimates for the dating of the individual books have varied. It is generally accepted that the fifth book must date to a point after 127, because of a reference to the Roman consul Iuncus in Satire 15. [4] A recent scholar has argued that the first book should be dated to 100 or 101. [5] Juvenal's works are contemporary with those of Martial, Tacitus and Pliny the Younger.

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Supply III IX-147 - History

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During World War II the Petroleum Administration for War, established by an Executive order in 1942, used these five districts to ration gasoline. Although the Administration was abolished after the war in 1946, Congress passed the Defense Production Act of 1950, which created the Petroleum Administration for Defense and used the same five districts, only now called the Petroleum Administration for Defense Districts.

The PADDs also allow data users to analyze patterns of crude oil and petroleum product movements throughout the nation. During 2010 (the latest full year for which published data are available), the bulk of petroleum product pipeline movements took place among PADDs 1, 2, and 3 (see table below). More than half of the total U.S. inter-PADD product pipeline movements were from PADD 3 (an area with significant refining capacity) to PADD 1 (a major population center). By contrast, PADDs 4 and 5 show very small volumes entering and leaving by pipeline, with nothing leaving PADD 5.

For crude oil, nearly three-quarters of the inter-PADD pipeline movements in 2010 were movements from PADD 3 to PADD 2 (see table below). These volumes include crude oil produced in the Gulf of Mexico and imports to the Gulf Coast region that move inland to refineries in PADD 2. The volume of crude oil moving by pipeline from PADD 3 to PADD 2 has steadily declined in recent years, as pipeline receipts of Canadian oil sands crude oil and increased production from North Dakota's Bakken formation have bolstered PADD 2 crude oil supplies. This increase in PADD 2 crude supplies has reduced their need for crude oil supplies from the Gulf Coast. The vast majority of the inter-PADD crude oil pipeline movements occur among PADDs 2, 3, and 4, with very little crude oil pipeline activity into or out of PADDs 1 and 5. Such crude oil and petroleum product movement patterns would be hard to discern without the availability of PADD-level data.

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